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The first grooming salon in Manchester City Centre

At The Barkside Grooming Salon in Manchester City Centre, our utmost priority is to transform the often daunting experience of dog grooming into a soothing and delightful one. To achieve this, we have implemented a policy where each member of our grooming team tends to only one dog in the salon (unless multiple dogs are from the same household). Rest assured, we never have more than two team members working simultaneously in our salons.

If your dog prefers a more individualised experience and would feel more comfortable attending the salon alone, we can easily accommodate this request. By doing so, we aim to minimise stress and anxiety, ensuring that all attention and focus is solely on your beloved companion.

No matter the breed or size, all dogs are welcomed at The Barkside for a stylistic and personalised salon experience. Our talented on-site groomers are dedicated to providing a customised grooming session that suits your dog’s unique needs and preferences.

Join us at The Barkside for a grooming experience that not only pampers your furry friend but also creates a serene and enjoyable atmosphere. We strive to make your dog’s grooming visit a memorable and positive one, leaving them looking and feeling their best.

“We brought our rescue dog to Barkside yesterday for his first trip to the groomers and were really nervous about leaving him but the girls there were amazing. They were gentle with him, they made him feel comfortable and when they finished, he smelled and looked fantastic. Would highly recommend and we will be going again.” – Sarah

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