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Bite & Fun Chew Toy


BITES chew toy on a cotton rope – Chewing toy 2 in 1 set – Handmade natural chewing toy made of resourced deer antlers, that have been carved vertically in order to get a better access to the marrow inside. – Such preparation allows an easy access to a spongy inside of the bone, which makes biting and chewing easier. Especially for the dogs with a more delicate jaw and teeth structure.

Length of the toy: L – 47cm and XL- 54cm

Analytical composition of the product:
Bone tissue 54%, proteins 32%, Fat 0,1%, Colagen 3%, Calcium 21g/100g Phosphor 10g/100g, Magnesium 26mg/100g, Iron 998ppm, Sodium 0,4%, Potassium 0,02%

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