Bunny Anthracite Crinkle Tough Dog Toy


Introducing the innovative D&D HOME Bunny dog toy, a remarkable canine plaything crafted from a fusion of durable rubber and resilient upholstery fabric. This exceptional toy boasts textile ears that conceal a delightful secret – crackle foil that produces an enjoyable and entertaining sound as your furry friend engages in playtime. Notably, the inclusion of the rubber component grants the Bunny a substantial weight, surpassing that of ordinary fabric toys, making it an ideal choice for throwing and fetching activities.

Key Features:
1. Crackle Foil: The Bunny’s textile ears are ingeniously designed with crackle foil, ensuring a delightful auditory experience for your dog during play.
2. Interior Fabric: The toy is constructed with a high-quality interior fabric, guaranteeing durability and longevity even during vigorous play sessions.
3. Easy to Throw: Thanks to its weighty rubber composition, the Bunny is effortlessly thrown, providing endless entertainment for both you and your canine companion.

Dimensions: 23x21x2.3cm

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