Pet Carrier Travel Bag Caramel


This luxury travel bag is made of the following materials: – eco leather – Nubuck – creates a collar, – polyester fabric – located inside the bag, – polyurethane foam – creates a skeleton transporter. This transport bag is designed for dogs, cats and other small pets. They are made of high-quality materials – they ensure a long life, are resistant to dirt, solidly sewn with upholstery threads. THE TRANSPORTERS ARE SUITABLE FOR THE CARRYING OF PETS BOTH SUMMER AND WINTER. Each bag is equipped with a metal collar clip on the elastic band. Thanks to this solution, the pet will not jump out or escape from the sling. Each carrier is equipped with a zipper, which facilitates placing the animal inside the transporter. Transporters have one pocket on the right and left side. Pockets are useful for storing small items for your pet. Carriers have the option of joining handles, which makes carrying easier. Made with the highest quality materials.


Textile, Faux Leather, Foam

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