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Puppy Visit

The Barkside Team will come
and make friends with your puppy!

We know from personal experience that the most stressful thing about having a puppy is leaving them, let us ease that guilt and provide you with reassurance while you tend to your daily duties. As part of the visit we will feed your puppy, clean up any unwanted accidents and replace any used puppy pads. We will stay for at least 30 minutes to provide the love and attention they require. This helps to build a strong bond with the ‘Barkside’ team in preparation for our dog walking service. Once your puppy is ready we will work with them to get them ready to join the other dogs on the walks.

“Amazing team and facilities. My Frenchie loves all the natural treats and products and looks fab in his little jackets! Just bought him the main puppy grain free food and wet dog food for the first time today and he has gobbled it up in seconds.” – Bradley


Doggy Day Care, Shop & Groomers
Richmond House
Travis St
M1 2NG


Mon – Fri : 8am- 6pm
Sat – Every other (Salon only)

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