We love our dog walks,
almost as much as the dogs!

We offer 30, 45 or 60 minute dog walks, We are constantly on the look out for new routes to try and give as much variation as possible so your dog can experience the different sights, sounds and smells. Once the walks are complete we will clean muddy paws and towel- dry your pet (if required), ready for a well deserved rest. We will be happy to follow any instructions left by you such as opening and closing curtains, leaving lamps on and providing your dog with food or treats. We will then settle your pooch and replensih the water bowl.

“Everyday Freddy runs into day care and is so excited to see the staff and other dogs. I feel at ease leaving him in the care of the Barkside while I am at work, knowing he is looked after and well socialised.” – Hannah


Doggy Day Care, Shop & Groomers
Richmond House
Travis St
M1 2NG


Mon – Fri : 8am- 6pm
Sat – Every other (Salon only)